Music is her game, aggressive is her style, and the world and everything in it are her subjects of topic!

That is the best way to describe the raspy, yet smooth-voiced female MC known as Miss Moe, a.k.a. S.C.G. (Sexy Classy Gangsta). She has personality and a strong mic presence. She has energy. She is a Hip Hop artist with a Pop star swag (and some hood mixed in). And she plans to unleash her first mixtape to the
public, Hollywood Miss Moe, this summer, 2014.

Part two of a series of (some of the world's hottest) DJ's freakin out Miss Moe freestyling to "Tom Ford" track. Second up Is DJ JT Da Don. Do yo thang! All DJ's, submit your work and join the challenge! Look out for more DJ Johnny West on the Hollywood Miss Moe mixtape out very soon!

MISS MOE - "You Know My Name" from the upcoming "Hollywood Miss Moe" mixtape.

Miss Moe's first single release featuring J-Love the Prince. Original track by Gutta Beats.